June 19, 2021


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Vizio V-series (2021): Budget TV with midrange features

Vizio commonly stacks its TVs with superb attributes for the price tag and the V-Collection, its most-very affordable Tv with 4K resolution and HDR, fits the mildew. New for this yr is a Bluetooth voice distant, while players and photo tweakers will value its very low enter lag for gaming and comprehensive photo changes. Its SmartCast good Tv process has a sound collection of developed in apps and superb unit compatibility way too, but it is even now not as excellent as the rival Roku process. 


  • Outstanding attributes for a very low price tag
  • Voice distant with Bluetooth
  • Heaps of photo changes

Never Like

  • Only normal functionality
  • HDR doesn’t search substantially better than SDR
  • Worst developed-in streaming than Roku

Photo good quality on the V-sequence is reasonably normal, not better or worse than others in its price tag selection, though that even now signifies a vibrant, color-accurate graphic with a decent black degree and distinction. I in comparison its photo to its closest competitor, the TCL 4-Collection, and while the V-sequence was a minor dimmer, facet-by-facet they’re nearly indistinguishable.

That TCL, which runs on a Roku interface, is a minor easier to use and has a more detailed collection of streaming companies, but not as many changes for people who want to fine-tune their TV’s graphic. If you know your way all around your Tv settings and like dialing in your photo modes, the Vizio is the better selection. On the other hand if the price tag between the two is a clean, I give the TCL a slight edge over-all many thanks to Roku Tv.

The 2021 V-Collection is obtainable in sizes from 43 to 75 inches and expenditures between $340 and $920. I reviewed the fifty five-inch model, which is at present obtainable for all around $440.

Bluetooth distant, entire with Vizio voice

Although the V-sequence lacks the action-up options found on better-end Vizios like the M- and P-Collection — things like next-gen gaming benefits, local dimming, wide color gamut or tons of light — it does have the company’s brand name new voice distant. That new clicker is a single of greatest dissimilarities between the V-sequence and TCL’s 4-Collection, and Vizio has the gain. The TCL’s distant feels inexpensive, is IR (infrared) only and lacks voice ability. 

Meanwhile Vizio’s distant feels like it came with a (a little) more high priced product or service. It has the two IR and Bluetooth, so you only will need to place it at the Tv when you convert it on. It also has voice control, so you can have the Tv adjust inputs, search for material and more. It doesn’t have dedicated playback buttons, as opposed to the TCL, which is a little bit disappointing — you use the most important directional pad to control perform/pause, rewind etcetera. 

The voice control by using the distant is effective well, about as well as Roku’s variation on products that have it (or via a action-up distant). Most practical is becoming in a position to search for exhibits and more. For instance, you can keep down the button and say “Ted Lasso” and the demonstrate will come up with a link to wherever you can locate it. In that situation, just Apple Tv In addition, but when a demonstrate/motion picture is obtainable on several platforms, you can pick the a single you want and the Tv will navigate directly there with the drive of a button. This voice search may possibly appear to be like a minor matter, but after you get applied to it, heading again to the outdated way (like TCL’s 4-Collection distant) appears archaic.

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Vizio’s distant reserves key button placement for Vizio’s “absolutely free Tv” assistance which has a hodgepodge of absolutely free-to-enjoy material in a standard-cable variety of way. I suppose more absolutely free material is a excellent matter, but you can very likely push this button by accident way more than you’d ever basically enjoy this material. 

Most of the well-known streaming companies are developed-in to Vizio SmartCast, including Netflix, of program, together with Disney In addition, Vudu, Amazon Key. The TV’s interface minimizes their great importance, rather drawing your concentrate to huge banners on the major that feature actual exhibits and films which appear to be like adverts (which, of program, they are). On the other hand, this has the positive result of generating it appear to be like there’s normally some thing obtainable to enjoy and it improvements frequently, as opposed to the more staid and static Roku interface on the TCL.

A person assistance that is notably lacking is HBO Max. On the other hand, you can set up the HBO application on your phone/pill and solid that to the Tv employing both Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. That is not a huge deal for the standard tech-savvy CNET reader, but if you are considering this Tv for your mother and father/grandparents and they will need their regular fix of The Wire or Oz, this more action may possibly be disheartening.

Connections and gaming attributes

The rest of Vizio’s attributes and connections are standard as well, with the exception of obtainable Variable Refresh Fee with AMD FreeSync on two 70-inch and 75-inch models — the V706-J and V756-J — in the sequence. The other two V-sequence TVs in people sizes, the V705-J and V755-J, lack VRR. Gamers who want VRR should really notice that people action-up”six” models, like all of the V-sequence, are even now 60Hz TVs — to get 120Hz enter and VRR, you can will need to action up to the P-sequence.

I didn’t exam people models, but on the fifty five-inch model I did exam, enter lag with Match Lower Latency manner enabled is very low, all around 14ms.

The Electrical power Star score is on the model I reviewed is mid-pack, at $22 per yr. For comparison, the fifty five-inch TCL 4-Collection is $twelve per yr, so not a big distinction.

  • HDMI inputs: 3 (one with eARC)
  • Composite analog enter
  • USB port: (.9A electricity)
  • World wide web: Wired and 802.11n twin-band wireless
  • Antenna enter
  • Analog audio output
  • Optical electronic audio output
  • Speakers: two downward-facing downward facing)

Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Pleasant setup, tons of settings

The Vizio sales opportunities you by way of the initial setup steps with huge pleasant menus. After you get to the most important house display screen, there’s a ton thrown at you at after. As mentioned earlier mentioned, that does give it a considerably more dynamic emotion than the standard tedious blocks of the Roku interface. 

A person of the most important matters that separates the Vizio from the TCL are considerably more comprehensive photo settings. Although the TCL doesn’t go substantially beyond the principles, the Vizio has changes for noise reduction settings, resolution/depth enhancements and more. It allows you tweak the graphic to a diploma more standard of a better-end Tv. 

Like the TCL 4-Collection, the Vizio will detect a 24p signal and change its refresh and backlight to reduce judder. This is not the cleaning soap opera result. As opposed to the TCL, the Vizio provides you the selection to convert this off if you recognize any issue, or favor more juddery motion more like a standard Tv.

Photo good quality comparisons

The most immediate competitor to the Vizio V-sequence is TCL’s 55S435, which is approximately 10% much less expensive at the time I tested it. The Samsung QN55Q60A is that company’s entry-degree QLED model, though even so it is almost two times the price tag of the V-sequence. It is right here to give you an plan what paying out more can get you.  For my facet-by-facet comparison, I related all a few TVs by using a Monoprice 1×4 distribution amplifier and viewed them all in a row.

The Vizio and TCL seemed extremely, extremely related. While the TCL is a tiny little bit brighter, facet-by-facet you truly are unable to tell that. It is also near more than enough that is it is very likely inside of the selection of standard device-to-device variation. Or to set it more only, over-all they’re about the very same brightness. The TCL’s shades are a minor more accurate out of the box, but once again, they’re so near you’d be tricky pressed to decide a single around the other. 


Geoffrey Morrison/CNET

Coloration and brightness are the two matters you get stepping up to the Samsung. It is about fifteen% brighter than the TCL with non-HDR material, which itself is about 10% brighter than the Vizio. So between the Vizio and the Samsung, that is a recognizable distinction. Coloration is more recognizable, however, at the very least with HDR. With regular Hd and 4K material, they’re all about the very same. With HDR the Samsung has noticeably deeper, richer shades. It also has better brightness with HDR, becoming in a position to pump out around four hundred nits, almost double that of the other two. Does that better HDR functionality make it worth almost two times the revenue? Not in my reserve. 

Like almost all LCDs, off-axis functionality is not good. Which is to say, if you have a large sofa, or grandpa likes to sit in his lounger off to the facet, any person not directly in entrance of the Tv has a noticeably worse graphic. In this way, however, it is about the very same as the TCL and Samsung though. 

Considering the fact that the V-sequence is not capable of performing substantially with HDR material, missing the two the brightness and the expanded color abilities of a “true” HDR Tv, it is excellent that does a good work remapping HDR material to be watchable inside of these constraints. You can dial in how vibrant the over-all graphic appears and in standard it does a better work with this than the TCL. Not a big distinction, but a recognizable a single facet-by-facet. 

What spending budget Tv to get?

The Vizio V-sequence and the TCL 4-Collection are brothers from other moms, sisters from other misters. They are considerably more related than they are diverse. The TCL is a minor brighter, the Vizio has a minor better distinction ratio. In the two instances, it is tricky to recognize even facet-by-facet. The Roku interface is better and has fairly substantially each and every streaming selection obtainable. Vizio’s distant is better, though, the two with its Bluetooth and voice abilities.

Aside from good Tv methods, greatest distinction is in all probability the settings, of which the Vizio has more photo good quality adjustment options than the simplistic-by-style and design TCL. So if you know your way all around a Tv menu, or want to be in a position to dial in the photo even on an economical Tv, the Vizio is the better option, as very long as you you should not thoughts an more hoop or two to enjoy HBO.