July 4, 2020


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Huge changes in SP/SS industry after the pandemic

Published by John Mao (2020/03) Editor’s Be aware: SP stands for “Security and Protection”, and...

Published by John Mao (2020/03)

Editor’s Be aware: SP stands for “Security and Protection”, and SS for “Security and Safety”.

When we appear back several many years after, we may agree the summary that the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 is a crucial turning position of international social and financial conditions, and it appears destined fate of human being.

In the past decade, the international economic system has been likely downward spiral slowly but surely, in the loop way that “going descent – pulled up by technologies and governmental financial stimulus – likely down again – pulled up again – “. The 2020 pandemic is a pretty huge strike to make this round downward likely even worse.

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There’re two Chinese old stating which I think accurately explain the truth of the matter of human character, the very first is “no coffin, no tears”, the 2nd is “ forget the pain when the wound has healed. ”.

As particular person we may master a ton from what experienced and grow to be smarter and far more rational. But as team human being never ever master the lessons from their record. Hundreds many years of our record explain to us only one matter: it is just a language repeater.

This pandemic is not the final one, it’s just a symbol and omen. The approaching gatherings may much far more great which will split although our imaginations about “ great adjustments, crucial crisis, and tragic disasters”. As a small start out, let’s settle for the actuality that these virus and micro organism will stay with us eternally.

So, in our SP/SS industry, great adjustments will just take position, some could be observed presently, and several will emerge in the around foreseeable future.

Whilst I am a pessimist about the foreseeable future, we individuals in engineering subject have to be responsible and obligate. Science and engineering has two significant results to the social advancement, the very first one is to be economic system driver, the 2nd is to fix challenges triggered by other social actions or components. So to generate economic system and to cure social challenges are our obligation and industrial value, which we all have to undertake.

Below conversations are all based on specialized degree, not include business administration and advancement, funds devote, etcetera., for the reason that technologies and items and the actual crucial foundation.

one. The extension of the scope of SP/SS

This time all through and after the coronavirus pandemic, we can see and imagine some really significant adjustments when we speak about what the SP/SS genuinely mean, and for what scope they can be functional and source protection.

I propose my viewpoints on two new concepts which I name as “New SP/SS”, and “Grand SP/SS”.

In classic SP/SS devices, this kind of as keep track of and surveillance, obtain/channel control, IT protection, as perfectly as protection check out, protection zone, intrusion avoidance, explosion-evidence, etcetera., the targets of this kind of protection devices are unauthorized, unlawful and violent behaviors of individuals.

From now on, the aims and targets of a protection and protection process, should also include condition and pathogens, specially the epidemic virus and micro organism.

Balanced security would also be significant to personalized and even process protection, unhealthy states of particular person should be monitored, surveilled, analyzed and responded.

By incorporating the unhealthy states surveillance and processing into the classic protection process, we have a new process which I simply call it the “New SP/SS”.

Quite a few many years in the past, we started to name the destructive and damaging computer method as “virus”, now it’s time to use the unique that means of virus in our protection process, is it considerably ironical?

In this article are some scenarios to explain what the New SP/SS features will be:

  • Intelligent surveillance and investigation process, besides the unique targets, will include at the very least two kinds of component into, the very first variety is scientific indications/index this kind of as temperature, blood strain, coronary heart amount, and so on. The 2nd variety is some uncommon behaviors related to unhealthy states this kind of as cough, sneeze, swipe eye frequently, hand on head (common gesture when headache or dizziness), weak and stand-difficult, go slow and unstable, etcetera. the New SP/SS process will also keep track of and review this kind of behaviors and deliver warning or execute other actual time response.
  • In transportation protection check out process, besides the offensive weapon and equipment, flammable and explosives check out, body temperature monitoring would be a ought to.
  • The obtain control and inner surveillance of colleges and some delicate companies need temperature check out or even easy and quickly overall health check out, the solutions or devices of easy and quickly clinical examination would be really promising.
  • In economic and governmental products and services home windows, extensive distance and non-speak to (even hid) temperature monitoring process will be extensively recognized. Integrated with metal detecting process would be much better.
  • In some closed transportation area this kind of as ship, aircraft, and teach, actual time overall health monitoring is crucial need. Related techs and items will be well-liked.
  • Some mass-attendance conditions this kind of as cafe, cinema and theater, stadium, temperature monitoring will surely be extra into the surveillance process.

What I name the “Grand SP/SS” implies a total process which will comprise of classic SP/SS, furthermore protection solutions for particular person, and the community and information interaction website link the two areas. The protection solutions for particular person will be a mix of novel personalized protection and overall health protection implies which will be described down below. In the Grand SP/SS process, protection devices for organization and general public protection will join with protection devices for particular person so to establish up a total process onto the 5G, huge information and cloud processing infrastructure.

The ideas of New SP/SS and Grand SP/SS propose really a ton calls for which should be satisfied, so to prolong the definition and scope of classic SP/SS thought. I feel that these new development and new solutions will emerge in two or three many years.

two. The significant considerations when design New SP/SS and Grand SP/SS

As described above, the Grand SP/SS include protections for organization and general public desire, as perfectly as for personalized protection and overall health. The latter is ignored by classic SP/SS devices.

To design a New and Grand SP/SS process, there’re two significant considerations. Contactless design, and lively preserving solution for particular person.

The lively personalized protection and overall health protection design may include the next:

  • Novel and smart wearable gadget, machines or personalized things.
  • The possibility and convenience for identity verification when beneath this kind of protection machines and things, how to use biometrics?
  • What improvements on new sensors and wearable computing CPU should be the ought to?
  • If the personalized preserving solution has a actual “shell”, then how to make the information amassing from outside and inside of of the shell? Also the information transmission amongst inner and outer should be diligently intended.
  • Personal protection should include the detection of the quick-distance atmosphere and warning when destructive and dangerous states be detected.
  • Emergency response and actions should be regarded.

Contactless technologies and styles are most significant in new and grand SP/SS devices. These kinds of as:

  • Contactless sensing and check out, for case in point, contactless biometrics, contactless temperature/blood strain/coronary heart amount capturing, and uncommon behaviors monitoring, or even speedy clinical check out devoid of speak to.
  • Distinctive distance for contactless styles meet up with different calls for, the distance could be tens of centimeters, several meters, or tens of meters.
  • Wireless information capture, transit and reception, in the networked process design which mix personalized protection machines with the SP/SS process.
  • Rapidly detection and checkup at user-conclusion, but joined with information center and cloud processing (surveillance and investigation) by way of IoT.
  • Scalable process composition and adaptable deployment.
  • Link and information share with general public/countrywide protection and general public products and services, to form a complete process.

three. Merchandise development in New and Grand SP/SS

In the around foreseeable future, new items and solutions with the thought of new and grand SP/SS would be well-liked, like the followings.

three.one. Surveillance and obtain control

Moreover the unique items and composition, the new smart surveillance process will also go over heath states monitoring, which can be divided into two significant sectors: the primary index of overall health states this kind of as body temperature, blood strain and coronary heart amount, etcetera., and some uncommon behaviors which indicate a unhealthy particular person, this kind of as cough, sneeze, swipe eye frequently, hand on head (common gesture when headache or dizziness), weak and tough-to-stand, go slow and unstable, etcetera.

The new devices should capture, transmit, review and retail outlet all the above indexes and information, with all these performs and information on the net, to establish up a networked, smart, and all-included surveillance process constant with our new and grand SP/SS thought.

Contactless capturing and monitoring technologies of body temperature and other overall health states index will extensively built-in into surveillance and obtain/channel control devices in general public locations, transportation, education and clinic, governmental products and services, firm and companies. And these devices will have a tendency to share information or even processing potential in the foreseeable future, to form an all-included social protection and security community.

Sensing and capturing technologies on personalized overall health condition index, and the quickly investigation and identification technologies, will collectively form the so known as QPC (speedy bodily checkup) solution and will be extensively recognized in the around foreseeable future.

Individuals thermal imaging process at present utilised in armed forces foundation and prisons will be upgraded, include into body temperature and other overall health states monitoring to form an revolutionary multifunctional process .

Distinctive sensors and novel analytical technologies will be most significant for above new programs. New sensors and analytical program R&D will be immediate rising, huge information and machine studying would be their solid foundation.

three.two. Identification verification solutions

At current most obtain/channel control, time attendance, IT protection and ID card programs are all using biometrics as identity verifying technologies. Biometrics will also be extensively utilised in the foreseeable future but contactless techs would be far more competitive. Provided the specific situation when the people have to be guarded with mask, goggles, gloves and protecting apparel, voice verification, iris verification and gait recognition would have far more probability.

In some uncommon scenarios speak to biometrics this kind of as fingerprint will continue to be recognized. If it’s upgraded to have contactless processing potential it can get far more acceptance. For case in point, due to the fact we have some design of tender and adaptable fingerprint sensor chip and wearable processing chip, we may capture the fingerprints inside of (from the inner layer of) gloves, and then transmit wirelessly to a dependable outside verification engine, to establish up a contactless and realistic fingerprint verifying process even when the user is completely clinical guarded (with mask, goggles, gloves, and protecting apparel).

Laser projection keyboard tech gives PIN a new and contactless use possibility. This is a realistic engineering these days.

Identification verification technologies utilised in economic and baking institutes, governmental products and services will meet up with new calls for and troubles. Procedure design should look at two kinds of protection sectors which we described above, techniques from riot/robbery and personalized overall health states monitoring.

Facial recognition is present most well-liked in this kind of software scenarios, but with a mask the process will fall short. Iris and voice verification are predicted to be extensively recognized. Of program, if we include some specific features onto the classic machines this kind of as attaching UV light-weight gadget, or automated brushing onto the fingerprint capture window, we can make fingerprint pressing safely. These kinds of improvement may also re-burst the legacy market place.

three.three. Security for particular person

Security solutions based on personalized overall health states are practically blank in market place, after this pandemic, great possibilities will emerge. If include into smart and community connecting potential, that will establish up the 2nd significant section in new and grand SP/SS process.

We forecast the next product attributes for this kind of improvements:

  • Protecting items for respiratory process. Impressive mask/face veil/clinical hood/nasal stopper (for breath purification) would be promising. The innovation of this kind of items should aim on convenient and snug use, not only specialized features. Also these new items should be electrical/electronic and smart as much as probable, so to join to history process community.
  • Protecting apparel with automated pasteurization and sterilization. Some new components or new medicines will make this realistic.
  • How to use biometrics beneath whole clinical protection is a pretty huge concern and challenge to the biometric industry. How to use or transform to use existing technologies, and how to acquire new biometrics, will need to be satisfied. Seize biometrics inside of protection and contactless sensing are two significant essential considerations of R&D. Wireless transmission and dependable processing are significant assure.
  • Detailed protection gadget for particular person will include different sensors, wearable computing, wi-fi interaction, exhibit, and could be personalized.
  • The complete personalized protection gadget should also detect and review the atmosphere states (air condition, radiation, other particular person nearby with unhealthy indexes, etcetera.) and automatically warn.

As to personalized buyer items using biometric technologies, this kind of as mobile cell phone, smart lock and padlock, pill and Computer, would not be essential to use these contactless and wi-fi biometrics. But for this kind of design, if some innovation can conveniently increase the overall health security, that will raise the market place again. For case in point, we can use specific components to make the coating of the fingerprint sensor considerably antibacterial and virus resistance.

four. Conclusions

As a summary of above descriptions, let’s review and make the next conclusions:

– Conventional protection and protection process features, furthermore the new content material targeted on personalized overall health states monitoring to make the process safer and far more full, will collectively establish up a new process, I name it as “ New SP/SS”, vary from classic SP/SS.

– Personal protection gadget and machines will make particular person bodily and clinical safer. The protection and protection process for particular person would also be electronic/electrical and joined wirelessly with SP/SS process, on the infrastructure and platform of 5G, IoT, huge information and cloud processing, all these collectively compose a complete SP/SS, which I name it as “Grand SP/SS system”. The New and Grand SP/SS concepts express my significant factors on the evolution development of protection and protection industry.

– As to what we can do from this moment, analysis of kinds of different sensors (contactless sensing and wi-fi transmit chips), and far more analytical program (for case in point, S/W on investigation of uncommon behaviors appropriate to unhealthy states) advancement will be great choices. Device studying will be most significant to analytical program advancement. Of program, how to make some speak to technologies transform to be utilised contactlessly would also be significant performs we can do now.