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As technology improves, connectivity has become more important to our business activities. Ensuring that we select the right internet connection is more important than ever.

Many businesses keep on experiencing some problems which are generated with standard broadband installation like downtime, slow page loading and so on. Today, leased line installations are cheaper than any other and business owners can take advantage of the gains derived from the leased line connectivity.

This article will hereby orientate you on all you need to know before making up your mind on whether to select leased line installation for your business connection. 

When we talk about business connection, many business organizations still encourage consumers like broadband networks. While these can contain small business organizations and families, the more trusted network is required than that of consumer broadband network when it comes to business. In this situation, the leased line can offer wholesale solutions.

A leased line is a devoted balanced data connection which can function on a simple form, a leased line is an internet network that is reserved specially and regularly offers the same bandwidth when it comes to uploading and downloading of files. They are developed for private links between two points. The first point is for your business organization and the second point is the network provider’s access to point of presence. Initially, leased lines are patronized by organizations in order to have a high-quality internet network that can handle the daily data consumers for businesses. Leased lines are not small business fiber optic networks. Therefore all capacities of business can gain from the connection.

Based on the fact that leased lines specifically developed for business and connection needs, one can select the connection point and the type of data that flows on the line. A leased line also does not have to be an only internet connection. They can also be used for other functions such as phone calls, network traffic and so on.

Leased lines connection can be connected to three different business grades. They are FTTP, EFM, and FTTC. These three different business options also have different connection requirements.

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) offers fiber internet connection to the premises directly through the fiber wires. Most situations, FTTP are seen as the fastest and trusted connection to business among the fiber networks. FTTP is unopposed and has a speed of 10Gbps above with balanced and fast download and uploading of files. This connection can be used to meet business needs.

Fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) about half part of the connection is made of fiber optic cables reaching a cabinet at the street stage, while the other part of the connection is occupied with copper wiring. This type of connection provides a practical optional connectivity in some situations where the installation of fiber optic cable is difficult to be connected into the premises.

The Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) provides 40mMbps of bandwidth with the use of bonded copper lines connected to the business. The connection of EFM depends on the distance of the premises it can only be good for small business.

Post Author: Arlen Simpelo