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How prepaid connections work – and why timely recharge is essential

We decode how prepaid connections work, and why timely recharge helps.

As a phone user about to buy a prepaid connection, you will have several questions about how the service works. This article explains prepaid connections.

What is a prepaid phone connection?

As the name suggests, it is a phone connection for which you pay before you start using it. For a certain specified fee (also known as the recharge amount) you get to use the connection till the pack validity expires. The pack validity is specified in terms of days. This is unlike the postpaid connection, where there is a monthly billing cycle.

  • The prepaid connection has most of the features and benefits of postpaid connections. You get calling, messaging, data transfer, download and upload functionalities, the same as postpaid plans.
  • Depending on your service provider, you can get additional benefits in terms of a good amount of daily data and calling. For instance, Airtel prepaid online recharge offers unlimited calling (STD, local and roaming) with each plan, as also 100 free SMSs every day. Plus, you get 1.4 GB data per day, either 3G or 4G. Most other providers do not offer a daily data quota, choosing instead to offer a higher amount of data spread out over the pack validity.
  • There is no billing contract that you need to make with the service provider with a prepaid connection. You only need to recharge online to keep the connection active.
  • You can use the connection only within the parameters of the recharge plan. For example, you cannot use more than 1.4 GB data in a day if you have taken an Airtel prepaid plan. If you hit the 1.4 GB limit, your speeds will reduce and the data quota will be restored the next day.
  • Airtel prepaid allows you to select another plan at the time of doing the online recharge. You can do this via the Airtel website or myAirtel smartphone app.
  • Like with other online payments, you get a choice of your preferred payment options on recharge apps – pay using debit/credit card, net banking, UPI apps or third party payment apps. If you use the myAirtel app as an Airtel subscriber, you can also pay using the Airtel Payments Bank.

Why regular online recharge is necessary

The only way to keep the prepaid phone connection active is by recharging online regularly. This does not happen with a postpaid connection, which remains active despite its monthly billing cycle. If you don’t do the online recharge once the pack validity runs out, your services may be curtailed temporarily. You may not be able to make calls or send texts, and your browsing speeds will also drop.

However, all services are restored after you recharge online as directed. We recommend using the myAirtel app for online recharge, since it allows both Airtel and non-Airtel subscribers to recharge the connection. As an Airtel user, you get regular cashback on every recharge, as also a variety of secure …

Leased Lines Connection

As technology improves, connectivity has become more important to our business activities. Ensuring that we select the right internet connection is more important than ever.

Many businesses keep on experiencing some problems which are generated with standard broadband installation like downtime, slow page loading and so on. Today, leased line installations are cheaper than any other and business owners can take advantage of the gains derived from the leased line connectivity.

This article will hereby orientate you on all you need to know before making up your mind on whether to select leased line installation for your business connection. 

When we talk about business connection, many business organizations still encourage consumers like broadband networks. While these can contain small business organizations and families, the more trusted network is required than that of consumer broadband network when it comes to business. In this situation, the leased line can offer wholesale solutions.

A leased line is a devoted balanced data connection which can function on a simple form, a leased line is an internet network that is reserved specially and regularly offers the same bandwidth when it comes to uploading and downloading of files. They are developed for private links between two points. The first point is for your business organization and the second point is the network provider’s access to point of presence. Initially, leased lines are patronized by organizations in order to have a high-quality internet network that can handle the daily data consumers for businesses. Leased lines are not small business fiber optic networks. Therefore all capacities of business can gain from the connection.

Based on the fact that leased lines specifically developed for business and connection needs, one can select the connection point and the type of data that flows on the line. A leased line also does not have to be an only internet connection. They can also be used for other functions such as phone calls, network traffic and so on.

Leased lines connection can be connected to three different business grades. They are FTTP, EFM, and FTTC. These three different business options also have different connection requirements.

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) offers fiber internet connection to the premises directly through the fiber wires. Most situations, FTTP are seen as the fastest and trusted connection to business among the fiber networks. FTTP is unopposed and has a speed of 10Gbps above with balanced and fast download and uploading of files. This connection can be used to meet business needs.

Fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) about half part of the connection is made of fiber optic cables reaching a cabinet at the street stage, while the other part of the connection is occupied with copper wiring. This type of connection provides a practical optional connectivity in some situations where the installation of fiber optic cable is difficult to be connected into the premises.

The Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) provides 40mMbps of bandwidth with the use of bonded copper lines connected to the …

Are you New to Spotify? – Tips on how to grow your Spotify following

If you are a music lover, then you would have heard of Spotify. It is the world’s leading and popular streaming misc technology that enables users across the globe to enjoy music. If you are a newbie wishing to become the best musician or singer, Spotify helps you to achieve this. If you wish to become popular overnight, you can perform a viral challenge and upload it on the internet. Your work reaches millions and millions in seconds. Similarly, you can do the best music and upload it in Spotify. But after uploading, many questions on how to grow your Spotify following and how to promote your audios are arising. This article helps you as a guideline to grow your Spotify.

Steps to be taken to increase Spotify following

There are many steps you can follow increase your audiences in Spotify as follows

  • Collaboration with a trending artist: It takes much time to ask for collaboration from a successful musician. But if your works are good, the musicians always love to help each other. You can send a Direct Message (DM) to the musician’s profile requesting him to do a collab audio. If that works out, then you can upload it on Spotify. You may have the doubt how this helps in increasing your follower. Actually, it does. The fans or followers of that musician can admire your work and check out your profile. By this way, you can get followers very easily.
  • Social media promotion: Social Networking sites play a major role in spreading your work. It acts as a promoting tool to showcase your skills and talents to the world. Spotify app has share options like other social media and thus helps in increasing your viewers count. You would have noticed artists sharing their work release; promotional event details, updating the cover photo, and work on progress stills to make a stir in audience’s minds.
  • Linking accounts: As said in the above point, social media plays a major role in spreading your work. You can link the address on your social media web pages to promote the audios and increase your audience’s views and listens. Likewise use sturdy details to attract the audience and enhance your followers list. This helps you to grow your Spotify following.
  • Creating playlists: You can add songs that are trending, popular, and are considered as hits so that you can make your audience to play the others songs too. This helps your audience to enjoy the topic music and also make them to listen to your songs. You can invite the other followers to subscribe to your profile by sharing the playlists of your own often.

These are some of the techniques you can follow to clear the question on how to grow your Spotify following. Do not annoy your followers often but just share your works frequently to increase the followers pace gradually.…

A Sneak Peek at The Benefits and Features of Symfony Web Development

Adhering to the Model, View, Biggest Ecommerce Companies, Symfony web development has become the most sought after web development framework that is written in PHP. Many opine that this Ecommerce Company framework is an out and out winner as it comes in extraordinary open source framework that is free for all the users.

There are numerous benefits that the features of Symfony Web Development framework bring along. This is one platform that provides with numerous development environments and tools too that help in automating the ordinary software engineering processes.

There are the code generation tools that are used for prototyping and also used for single click back end logging features give the administrators detailed information related to the activities of an application.There is a command line interface that helps in automating the deployment of an application between two different servers.

There is a debug panel that accelerates the debugging process by way of displaying the information that is needed on the page that the developer is working on.There is an in built unit as well as a functional testing framework that allows development that is test driven.

In short, Symfony web development is designed in such a way that it optimizes the web application development and allows an expandable platform for more features to get accommodated with every new release. Generally, the complex web applications take a lot of development time. Symfony aims at shortening this time and also aims at automating common tasks so that the developer can focus on various specifications of the web applications.

Symfony web development framework is a database engine independent framework in PHP and can be very easily installed as well as configured too. It generates a readable code with the help of PHP Web Development. This framework allows integration with various vendor libraries features Propel plugins and also is easily extendable.

The developers can easily take full advantage of the various built in internalization layer feature which allows data as well as interface translation, content localization and reduction in the presentation code amount too by bringing together large shares of the codes through simple function calls. Those who do not have knowledge of the Symfony web development framework can take advantage of the layouts and templates that are built by the HTML designers.

It is the built in form generator which offers repopulation and automated validation of the forms. The various applications that are built with Symfony support completely output escaping that protects any kind of attacks through corrupted data.

The webmasters too can benefit greatly with the help of search engine routing, API management features, in built email, smart URLs and Ajax interactions that are easily implementable and also the one line helpers which encapsulate the cross browser compatibility effects of JavaScript.

There are many online stops that offer Symfony web development framework as their special service but one needs to ensure that all the features are offered by the service provider. A look at the past experience in the field will …

Best Website Designs That You Can Use In 2018

If you want to create a business that will be successful, you have to create a comprehensive marketing campaign. The first step before you engage in promotions and advertising, it is vital to creating responsive, and great looking website that will attract visitors.

Have in mind that website is the primary channel to promote your business and to increase your revenue. Therefore, it is imperative that you create a website that will bring people closer to you than before.

Since there are three responses to every website design in Augusta GA such as: No, Yes, and WOW. You should try to make your website aesthetically appealing so that your visitors and potential customers could say: amazing, or WOW!

We will present you the best website design trends that you have to aim for in 2018:

Broken Grid Layout

We live in the world where web design has passed a long road since the very beginning of the internet. Therefore, every designer will know how to make a reliable and well-organized website. However, since we live in 2018, you should understand that it is an era of experimentation where designers can break the boundaries and try something new and unique.

This particular type of design is called Broken Grid Layout, and it uses strict blurred lines of common grids, while it features the same structure as any other website. The best thing about it is the possibility that text and images overlap each other and mix on the screen in a fluid manner.

Since images will overlap the text, visitors will have more engaging and compelling visual experience. When you break the grid that will allow your visitors to interact with better capabilities, and you should use bold color choices, which are one of the biggest trends when it comes to the web, design in 2018.

Floating Navigation

Even though this particular type is similar to Broken Grid Layout, it is different because it will provide your visitors excitement and fun during the browsing moments. Since websites that focus on conversion tend to have fixed menus, but the CTA remains while you scroll.

The times are changing, and now you can implement a floating navigation menu that will be detached from the usual perspective and show itself at the top corner of the window or below. If you want to check examples of floating navigation web design, you can do it by clicking here.

The main idea of this particular design is to provide to users the feeling that navigation is universal, and the impression that it will stay with you while you are checking for the content.

Rounded Designs

When you create a user interface that resembles card, you will create a responsive design that will appeal to both mobile and web users. You have probably noticed that the cards feature right angle and sharp edges, but this particular practice changed over the years.

Today, the idea is to create rounded edges, because it will create the less invasive opinion …

Why Branding is Important

As a Spokane business striving to succeed, having a recognizable brand is of upmost importance. Especially if you are a new business or if you are looking to re-brand an older business, understanding what it takes to create a memorable brand is vital for marketing and business success.

In order to have a successful brand, you will need to understand the difference in marketing and branding. While the two definitely go hand in hand, there are significant differences. For example, branding is a strategic step that will ultimately determine if your customers will stay loyal. A brand can be determined from many different aspects. From standards of the products or services, to the customer support and knowledge, and the quality, a brand is built around all of these things. For more information on branding, please feel free to read more here.

Marketing however, is a tactical move for any business. Marketing takes the brand recognition, and what the business has to offer to potential customers to discover as well as activate your new buyers. Marketing is a way for the brand to advertise to current and new customers.

As mentioned before, branding and marketing go hand in hand. When it comes to your marketing campaign, your brand is the heart and soul of the outreach. Branding helps to get your target market to choose you over your competitors and helps to create customer loyalty. Not to mention, a successful brand will confirm our credibility, delivers a clear message within the marketing, and helps to motivate your potential buyers to actually buy. Your business should ensure that your brand can achieve the following:

  • Relatability to your target audience
  • Uniqueness of what your business has to offer and the importance of such
  • Reflection of the business values as represented to your customers

To understand the aspects of branding purposes, click the link below.

It is also important to conduct plenty of research for the best branding for your business. You will need to learn the desires, habits, and needs of the prospective and current client base. As a business owner, you will need to know what your customers think instead of what you think they are thinking. Second guessing at this stage will not provide a positive outcome.

A recognizable logo is a valuable tool for branding, as well as marketing. Essentially, your logo will become the face of your brand and your business.

Your brand will also need a strong message. Make sure the key messages the business wants to convey are clear within the branding. You should also be sure that each of your employees are also aware of the brand attributes so they can represent the company and therefore the brand, successfully.

Brand integration is also vital for success in your business. It would extend to even the day to day aspects of the business. For example, how the phones are answered, email signature, uniforms, and much more.

Creating a lasting impression on your customers and the world, …

How to convert a file online using file converter?

There are a lot of people who would wish to convert a file from one format to another. Several instances are there in which you are required to convert the format of the file. Whether it be to assure that the file complies with the type requirements as you send it to someone or you want to change it so that it becomes usable in a certain software, people tend to convert files from one type to another on regular basis. A file converter can help you in converting the file from one type to another. Hence, you can get your desire fulfilled using these. But there are certain things that you should be aware of as you make the conversion and here we will walk you through these.

Know about the formats

First of all, if you are not aware about the various file formats, make sure that you gather appropriate knowledge. There are a lot of people who would just go into the conversion without knowing about the file types. So, you should give yourself some time and research on the topic. There are different file formats for an image, different for movies, different for docs, hence it varies for each file type. Therefore, it becomes critical for anyone who is willing to change the file formats to do some research and see which file type he is playing with and what he can do with it.

Transferring from one format to the other

Often people try to do some really foolish conversions and they end up losing some really valuable data. Thus, you should avoid getting into trouble. As you are doing research, know about which file type can be formatted into a different one. For instance, a PNG might be easily transferred to a JPG file. And similarly, you can transfer a Microsoft .docx file into a .pdf file and so on. However, if you try to transfer the docx file into a png one or any such kind of conversion, you either won’t be able to do it or you will end up with something that it totally out of the context.

Selecting the converter

Lastly, talking about the file conversion, there are numerous online file converters and other software available to you. Make sure that you get your hands on an authentic piece of program that does not steals any information or do anything wrong with your document. Often people find themselves going through lengthy processes of verifications and surveys as they convert the file from one type to another, which is especially the case with free converters. So, be careful about your choice and make sure that you select an appropriate software that is working and easy to use. is a good place to convert the files. They have an array of choices available to you and you can transfer the images, documents, audio, books, and even archives from one format to another. They are relatively easy to use as you only …

Picking The Best Way to Improve Your Financial using Loan or Structured Review

There are various approaches to improve your financial particularly when you strapped on cash and need to pay bills or you need to pay for surprising expenses in the midst of the months. In the event that you have done something bad or inaccurate on your own credit report or you do something negative on your business action, for example, late payment, loan default, high credit card adjust and even court judgments, you may get bad credit reports. This is bad for your business action, in light of the fact that you won’t have the capacity to do your business movement particularly when you wish to take loan or make a significant buy. Regardless, one of the best plans you can get can’t avoid being get payday loan or Bad Credit Loans to improve your financial conditions. Payday loans are issuing you a short measure of cash for a brief time of time. In spite of the way that payday loans is contain phenomenal risks for the loan moneylender and for the borrower, payday loan are seen also known by costumer advocates, magazine and diverse sources. To evade any threat included in this kind of loaning, you will need to pick the right payday loan company. Otherwise, if you have won lawsuit and getting Structured Settlements, you may also use Structured Settlements to solve your financial condition. Along  these  lines, today I will issue you a managed guide on the most capable technique to pick the right personal Loans lenders or you can structured settlement reviews reviews here for more information.

The first step is verifying that you are seen about the payday loan market furthermore the component of payday loan. You will need to show yourself about payday loan market, financial setting, and instrument of individual loans to help you settle on better decision when picking the right payday loan company. Make sure to read any data from government or consumer advocate examines on payday loans, discover the definition and how payday loan deals with genuine through the internet. You might likewise find out about the language and terms utilized as a part of payday loan world, understanding the term and language will help you comprehend the kind of payday loan loaning practice.

The second step is utilizing your internet to do some exploration. You can do some examination to figure out the record, capability, experience and license of payday Loan Company.Make sure to get payday loans online direct lenders onlyand ensure that you are choosing the best payday loan lenders for you. You also need to read the terms and agreement before you choose the payday loan company.

The next step is making sure that you understand your limits. Make sure that you are getting the right amount to protect your financial and ensure that you are capable to paying back your amount comfortably when it is time to pay your debt.  While most payday loan companies will provide you more than $1,500, it doesn’t mean you should …

Five Steps to Help You Respond to a Security Incident

One of the network security concerns that seem impromptus is the incident response. You are likely to encounter a security incident if you operate a network that has a public access. How a company responds to such an event determines the efficiency of its system. Security incidents won’t wait for a company to put its ducks in a row. In fact, they tend to occur during peak hours. Here are five steps to help you lead a successful life as a security incident responder.

Incident Identification

The first step is to determine an incident that poses a threat to your network. You could analyze your logs to determine if there is a potential threat that can disrupt network services. Classify any event that can cause harm to your system as a security incident. Security incidents include any adverse event that has the potential to harm your network security.


The next thing after you have identified a security incident is to contain the damages. You can achieve this by stopping the spread of harm throughout your network. You could also prevent a security breach from harming networks outside your security boundary. The most immediate means of containing a security breach is to either isolate the affected machine from the system or disconnect it. You could also stop any service that could be causing the security breach. It is essential for the top-level management to designate authority to junior officers and allow them to disconnect systems once a security breach occurs. The designated authority should be in writing and available 24/7.

Incident Eradication

Once you have contained a security breach and its effects, the next step is to eradicate it. Your goal is to permanently eliminate any impact of a security breach from your network. It could involve the replacement of the hard drives and software that was damaged. Alternatively, you could reformat the hard drive and restore the network. Your primary goal is to find a way you can permanently remove the effects of a security incident from your system.

Network Restoration

The next step after the eradication of a security breach and its effects is to restore the network. The restoration method is determined by the extent of a security breach and its impact. You only need to reload the system, reformat the hard drives, apply patches, and restore the data from a secure backup. Alternatively, you could change security details if the incident involved changes in the security architecture.


It is essential for every company to devise a preventative maintenance plan to mitigate the likelihood of a similar incident reoccurring. Every security incident creates an opportunity for a network operator to learn from that experience. For example, you could modify your patch testing procedures if the security breach doesn’t require the application of patches. That way, your systems will be able to respond to future threats quickly. A security breach could occur if some of your security incident responders have inadequate training. It could include …

Small Business Tech News, What You Need to Know

One thing is certain, technology changes at a pace that can be hard to keep up with. The following 5 things will update you on the latest news in technology this month, along with insight on how they could potentially affect your small business.

Google Wallet is now Google Pay

At the beginning of 2017, Google announced that it was combining Android Pay and Google Wallet under one brand – Google Pay. For those who already have the Android Pay app, switching over to the new brand will be straightforward; the app will simply show up on your phone as “Android Pay”. Why does this new brand matter for your business? In general, mobile payment is falling behind projections. Utilizing Google Pay provides a one-stop solution for your small business and customers’ needs.

Salesforce’s new software recently introduced its new sales and customer service software. In the past, the company has been recognized as a leading customer relationship management application, but for medium-sized and large companies. Their new software is specifically designed for small businesses. Your small business can now take advantage of this new tool that promises powerful functions at more affordable prices.

Robot ransomware attacks

For some time now, cyberattacks have been a very real problem for businesses of all sizes – and the threats just continue to grow. Research firm IOActive recently uncovered new vulnerabilities in many well-known enterprise robot models. Attackers can exploit the flaws to spy via the robot’s microphone and camera and then leak data. Typically, it is larger companies that are trying out these devices. However, if you have thought about introducing them, just be aware that they are prone to ransomware.

AI for job interviews

For the 38% of working Americans actively seeking a new job this year, they might be surprised by their interview experience. More and more companies are outsourcing this process to artificial intelligence. In fact, a 2017 Deloitte survey found that 33% of participants are already using some form of AI in their hiring process. How does this impact your small business? If recruiting is becoming too time consuming, you can consider using newer hiring tools (e.g. HireVue) to quickly qualify the right people.

Meetings via Amazon’s Alexa

Last year, Amazon launched Alexa for Business. This technology can configure conference rooms and integrate calendars to all the devices that belong to those attending a meeting. Since it automatically knows when the meeting is going to take place because of the calendar, Alexa for Business can start the meeting, lower the project screen, dim the lights and much more. If your small business also works with independent contracts and remote employees, this technology also has huge benefits for those working from home.

Do you need funds to take advantage of some of these new technologies? Business funding can be hard to find for business startups, which is why many entrepreneurs are turning to a startup business cash advance. New technologies can not only improve efficiency and strengthen …